Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Issue 1 and Issue 2 are now sold out at distributor level, which is just the most fantastic news. I never thought the book would find as many readers as it has, so it's incredibly satisfying to know that there are more potential readers than there are copies! Anybody who would like a copy of either issue 1 or issue 2 should ask their store-owners about getting some re-orders in, and potentially more could be printed if there's enough demand. So have at it!

I gotta say, thank you so much to everybody who's taken a punt on HPD, and hopefully enjoyed it. It means an awful lot. I'm still a little afraid that everybody will suddenly come to their senses and realise, 'wait a sec, this guy's not a real writer!' That said, hopefully I can continue to pull the wool over everybody's eyes until the series has concluded!

Schedule-wise, at the moment I'm drawing page 10 of issue 5, and Jordie has started work on the colours for issue 4, so everything is pretty much on track. Issue 3 (my favourite to date, I think)  has gone to the printers and will be out in good time.

I was writing some stuff for the sequel last night; the plot for which is almost fully formed. I don't know for sure if IDW are up for doing more after this initial series, but I sure am, and will do my best to make it happen.

So that's it for the minute. I was looking through the issues for some artwork to post with this article, but the problem is that everything is so spoilerific at this point that there's not a lot I can show!
Maybe I'll draw up something new specifically for the blog.

For now though; b'bye! And THANKS.


Max said...

I have both issues, and they are some of the coolest comics I've picked up in a long time. Signed on for the whole mini at my local shop. Here's hoping for several follow-up series!

Stephen Mooney said...

Thanks a million! I certainly aim to do more down the line if it works out, I've gotten very attached to these guys and gals!

IHeartToTeachArt said...

I read the first 2 issues this morning and also will be receiving future issues at our local shop--thrilling! I absolutely love it! It's styled beautifully! Can't wait to see more :o0

Stephen Mooney said...

Aw, thanks so much Skinny! That means an awful lot! Delighted ye're enjoying it, and onboard for the rest of the series!