Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blonde Ambition

I've just been drooling over some more of the colours for issue 2 that Jordie sent me. One of my favourite little aspects is the way she tackles the blonde characters; their hair against their skintones and such. Just gorgeous. Almost has the look of a lush animated film.


A new interview with me about the book just went live over on excellent comics news website, Newsarama.

Check it out here.

Series Teaser

I thought I'd re-post this for new readers to the blog. This page serves as a teaser for the series, and gives a decent overall idea of the flavour and tone of the thing.

It was drawn for last year's Thought Bubble anthology, the book that goes with the fantastic annual UK  comics show in Leeds.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lee Bermejo Issue 3 Variant Cover

I've seen this cover start to be solicited around the 'net, so figured it was time I posted it here in all its glory!

The amazingly-talented and rather-bloody-sound Lee Bermejo produced this beauty for the third issue of the book. It's unbelievably detailed; must've taken the guts of a week to draw! So very delighted with it.

I met Lee about ten years ago at San Diego comic con at the Wildstorm table, where he graciously accepted my request to take a look at my portfolio. He and the other new guys there were making big waves at Wildstorm at the time, and I really loved (and love) his work. I was surprised to find that he was a similar age to myself, and we chatted for literally hours about all sorts of bits and pieces.

After the show, we stayed in touch, with Lee giving me advice on this and that and critiquing my work every now and then. Just invaluable stuff. He's a true gent, and was high up on my wish-list for cover artists on HPD from the start.

I can't say enough good things about the man, he's just a lovely fella.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Colour Me Delighted

It's about time I posted some of the utterly beautiful colour-work that Jordie is bringing to the book. Here're the first four pages of issue 2, Jordie's first issue as series colourist.

This is the opening scene, occuring after the events of issue 1, and it has somewhat of a 'mission-briefing' feel to it. In my mind's eye I wanted the atmosphere to come accross like the scene in the college in Raiders of The Lost Ark where Indy and Marcus Brody explain Tannis and the Ark of The Covenent to the military intelligence men in the lecture hall.

Talk about nailing it! Jordie knew exactly what I was going for, instinctively. This is why I was so excited about her coming onboard, I knew that she understood all of the same cultural touchstones as me, whether it be from movies, comics or video games. I knew that we'd be totally simpatico when it came to our respective tastes. To put it mildly, the woman is on the ball.

I've seen a lot more colours after this scene, and it's all just as good. Now all i have to do is try to draw the pages well enough to match Jordie's level! Easier said than done...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Half Past Danger Issue 4 Variant Cover

Here's the amazing variant cover to the fourth issue, by wunderkind Nick Runge. I love this image so much, it really gives the book that 80's Spielbergian action-adventure movie vibe that I covet so strongly. HUGE thanks to Nick for putting so much time and effort into this amazing painting, it means the world, sir!

This cover was originally slated for the variant to the third issue, but got shuffled around a little to better suit the subject matter. I'll post the NEW variant for the third issue by one of comics top cover artists in the next few days.

Hold onto yer hats.

Fever Ridge

This isn't strictly HPD material, but it is some artwork of ww2 soldiers fighting in the Pacific, so it hews closely to the subject matter. The art is for a variant cover to my good friend and IDW-stablemate Nick Runge's ww2 book; FEVER RIDGE. It's a great story of three real-life soldiers and friends struggling to stay sane and alive in the Pacific whilst fighting the Japanese, and I heartily recommend it.

My cover is the variant to issue 4, which I did in return for Nick's amazing variant to MY fourth issue! See above for more details. How's that for a segue...

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Some bits and pieces from the online world to stick up here concerning the book.

First off, a great interview on Comics Beat by Steve Morris about the book:


Next, a lovely piece by Russell Sheath, ace reporter for Aint It Cool News:


And finally, a great little promo video for the book, shot beautifully by the ridiculously talented Aaron Abernathy: