Thursday, August 8, 2013


Just a quick State of The Nation to let people know where I'm at. Issue 5 has been put to bed and is ready for the printers. Myself and Jordie had a VERY late one on monday night getting everything pitch-perfect, and all is good to go. Extra credit once again to Ms. Bellaire, who really went the extra mile yet again to incorporate everything I was looking for. Can't overstate how important she is to the book.

Today I'm inking page 4 of issue 6, and am pretty much on schedule. The final issue is another big sucker, with the whole interior of the book being dedicated to the story. So there's a lot of work in this one. But all going to plan, that'll help to make the denouement sing.

Another thank you to everybody who's picked up an issue and given the series a try. It's so gratifying to see the series hitting home with so many readers, and not a little bloody surprising! I can still remember how nervous I was approaching the whole creator-owned arena. The experience has really surpassed any and all expectations/hopes I may have had.

So thank you again, and continue to bear with me! Things are really ramping up.


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