Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is a panel from late in issue 4. I just figured I'd post the inked version here, since it's one of my favourites.


matj0071 said...


Looks even more eye-popping in black n white.

Would love some of your art up on my wall.

Roll on issue #5!


Stephen Mooney said...

Thanks man!

I always love seeing my favourite comic book artists' stuff in the original black and white; in many ways I prefer it to the usual coloured version. Way back at the beginning of the project I toyed with the idea of releasing the book in black and white, but it seems that it simply isn't a commercial thing to do. Most readers want to see coloured artwork, or feel like they're getting shortchanged. And it's tough to argue with that when you see what somebody like Jordie adds to the book in overall tone and mood.

I do have a pipe dream for down the line, where HPD is so ridiculously successful that i get to release a new collected edition of it all in the original black and white.
Emphasis on the words PIPE and DREAM.

JOHN T. SHEA said...

Please excuse what may be the most belated comment you've ever seen, but I think the muted, mellow, at times almost sepia-like colours of HPD as published do capture some of the appeal of monochrome. It's colour but not overdone.