Sunday, July 14, 2013

Issue 2 Reprint - Solicitation/Previews Code

It's just been announced that Issue 2 of the series is also getting the second print treatment. I'm so, so grateful that the book has found an audience in such a big way; I never dared to imagine that the first issue would go back to the presses, let alone the second.

Thanks so much yet again for making the trip to the stores and parting with your hard-earned for these comics. I truly do appreciate it, and it's giving the series a great chance to flourish and survive.

Here's the PREVIEWS code for the issue 2 reprint:



Anybody who hasn't been able to get their mitts on a copy of the sold out second issue should request it from their local retailer! There's an all-new cover for this new printing, too. Colours by Ruth Redmond, a truly talented protogé of Jordie's.

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