Friday, May 10, 2013

State of The Nation

Been a while since I updated, as things have been even busier than normal of late. Few points of interest:

USA Today ran a really great article about the book a couple of days ago featuring quotes and artwork from me. It's the last big interview I did to promote the first issue, and it's one of my favourites; they did a great job. Read it here.

Next; the fabulous Big Bang Comics here in Dublin, Ireland have organised a fancy launch party for the first issue on May the 22nd, the same day the book hits shelves. Should be a great night; if ye're in or around Dublin that evening please do come and join us! The store is in the Dundrum Shopping Centre, and the signing will run from six to eight or so in-store, and then drinks in the directly adjacent First Floor Bar in Harvey Nichols afterwards. The Big Bang have organised the whole bar just for us, so there'll be plenty of room for all the typical shenanigans. Fellow Irish pros (and HPD cover artists) Declan Shalvey and Nick Roche will also be there. As an added bonus, there'll be limited edition HPD prints with artwork exclusive to the store up for grabs for the first 100 customers, so get there in decent time!

And lastly, and the thing I'm most excited about... IDW just informed me of the order numbers for issue 1, and they're good. Better even than I hoped would be possible. Thank you so much to everybody who pre-ordered the book, and also to all of the retailers who really supported me and the project by taking a punt on it.
I hope ye all really enjoy it! I can say with relative certainty that the issues get better as they go, so please stick around for issue 2!


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