Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Page 9 Thumbnail

Here's my original thumbnail layout for the page I recently posted. Thought it might be interesting to see how  the art starts out. I draw these things right onto the script usually, at pretty much the size you see here, then scan those in and arrange them on a page consisting of a grid of eight pre-ruled layout spots. I'll do any tweaking necessary on the thumbnails at this stage. After that I'll grab the required layout and blow it up to drawing size. I then print that out and lightbox the finished pencils from it. Sometimes I'll decide at that point that I think an aspect of the drawing could still be improved further, and will try a new element during the pencilling, like changing the angle of the dino's head on this page. This inevitably leads to a slightly muckier final page(in that it consists of an awful lot more erasing and re-drawing, I like to have most of that stuff worked out at the layout stage), but them's the breaks. Dunno if this seems laborious or not to others, but it's a system that works for me.


Anonymous said...

Great post! This is why I'm loving this project. You really give us a look inside the process. Keep up the good/interesting work.

Stephen Mooney said...

Will do my best man! Thanks for the support.