Friday, December 2, 2011

Issue 1 Cover Colours

Colours for the first issue cover. Pretty happy with how this turned out(for the moment anyhow...).
Big squashy thanks to colourist to the stars Jordie Bellaire for giving me a tutorial on glows/special effects colouring! Invaluable.


Stephen Thompson said...

Whole lotta awesome going on there. You might as well have called this comic 'All the stuff I like to draw'.

Stephen Mooney said...


Declan Shalvey said...

Man; this is a fantastic piece. I liked the inks but i MUCH prefer how it looks in colour.

Since it's so good, and incorporates every thing you like, you should consider making this piece your gravestone!

Stephen Mooney said...

Hmm. You could be on to something there Deckles. As long as 'The Voice' by John Farnham and the Raiders March were blaring in the background, I could get this printed on a big delicious funeral cake. That's a thing, right? Then shoot me out of a cannon at sea at a large target painted on the side of a cliff, and we're done. But don't forget to put tie me to a bungee cord before you shoot, so everybody can get a shot.
I'll put the fun in funeral.