Saturday, November 12, 2011

Page 7

I've jumped ahead a few pages to number 7 here. I'm heading to Thought Bubble in Leeds next weekend, and I want to bring an action sequence with me as well as the more quiet opening sequence, hence the leap forward in time. Pages 7, 8 and 9 contain the first dino scene. I've been pencilling page 9 today and I think they're turning out pretty well. When I get back the following week I'll go back and draw the intervening pages(4, 5 + 6), and that will be the preview section of the book finished, inks-wise. After that I'll be trying out some colours and hopefully really bringing this thing to life.

I have the first cover drawn too, I'll stick that up very soon.

This page took bloody ages, about 3 days in full. Just because of all the dense jungle more than anything, I guess. Needed to solidly establish that the squad have moved deeper into the rainforest, and get some nice, thick atmosphere and tension going.


Stephen Thompson said...

That's great stuff, is that sound effect hand drawn or digital? Looking forward to seeing some dinos.

Stephen Mooney said...

Drew the sound effect on photoshop Thomps, since it'll be used a couple more times in the book and wanted to do a bit of practise for the whole 'lettering' lark. Quite good fun.

Gillian Comerford said...

Good Stuff Stephen. working hard as always I see. Hope to see you soon sporting my new tattoo....only 10 days to go!!!!!!

Stephen Mooney said...

Thanks Gillian! Not sure about this tattoo news...!