Friday, November 29, 2013

Issue 6! (THIS time)

So the sixth issue finally arrives in U.S. stores this week, and in European stores next week! Hopefully you good people will think it's been worth the wait!

Here's a six-page preview for the issue; hopefully people will pick it up and enjoy it!

Thanks again for everybody who waited the extra few weeks, I really appreciate it.

Here are the two covers for the issue, the regular by me and the variant by the wonderful Rebekah Isaacs and Jordie.


James Mason said...

Congratulations! I really enjoyed the series and was massively inspire by it.

Stephen Mooney said...

Thanks so much man! That's really lovely to hear.

Shannon Clingerman said...
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Shannon Clingerman said...

I am SO disappointed that this went only 6 issues! All the other comic "sagas" and "events" that go on for what seems like an eternity... and this could have EASILY been 9 issues. But I was relieved to see "shall return" at the end. This could make a REALLY good movie if done faithfully.

Stephen Mooney said...

Cheers for picking up the book Shannon!

Delighted ye enjoyed it. Always leave 'em wanting more, eh?

I'm happy to say that HPD should be back for a sequel sometime in the near future. All the details haven't been ironed out, so i can't put firm timeframes on anything, but the will is certainly there from all parties involved to do more.

So please do stay tuned!

matj0071 said...

Hi Stephen

Loved the series all through, look forward to the future adventures.

Quick query about the variant cover for issue 6. Could have sworn when it was originally advertised it said the cover was by Jordie. However, the one I've got is by Nick Roche, but inside is listed as by Rebakah Isaacs??? What gives?

Not complaining, just wondered if you could enlighten me?

All the best


Stephen Mooney said...

Hey Mat-

The variant for issue 6 was drawn by Rebekah Isaacs and coloured by Jordie, as was originally advertised. I haven't seen the issue in print yet, but I'm assuming there must be a misprint somewhere if it mentions Nick Roche, he drew the variant for issue 5, so that credit must have gotten carried over by mistake.

Apologies, and hope that clears up the confusion!