Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Issue 6

So, issue 6 is supposed to be on shelves today, but... isn't. It turns out that there's going to be a very short delay on the last issue, due to Jordie having to do some unavoidable juggling with her colouring schedule. There's nothing that could be done, and it wasn't Jordie's fault in any shape or form; it's down to several of her other artists being late on their books and that snowballed into our last issue.

Hopefully we'll see the issue arrive next week, as Jordie actually finished our issue 3 weeks ago (and it looks gorgeous), so it shouldn't be too long. Please bear with us, it's another 30-page monster and hopefully well worth the wait!


Unknown said...

Can't wait! Keep it up! My best friend and I love the series so far, from the art to the clever nods at some of our favorite movies. Hopefully the issue will be out sooner than the date I was told at my local store, which is the week of Christmas.

But either way, am looking forward to it and grabbing the trade later on!

Thank you Stephen, and Jordie as well!

Tyler Chastain

Stephen Mooney said...

Hey Tyler,

The release date for issue 6 is now November the 27th. So sorry about the almost month-long delay, it's frustrating but it is what it is! Hopefully ye manage to pick it up when it does arrive, and enjoy it!

I got to look through the proof PDF for the trade during the week, and I have to say that i'm utterly delighted with the job the production dept. at IDW did in putting it together. Can't wait for it to hit the shelves in January! Loads of extras in there too.