Friday, April 12, 2013

Colour Me Delighted

It's about time I posted some of the utterly beautiful colour-work that Jordie is bringing to the book. Here're the first four pages of issue 2, Jordie's first issue as series colourist.

This is the opening scene, occuring after the events of issue 1, and it has somewhat of a 'mission-briefing' feel to it. In my mind's eye I wanted the atmosphere to come accross like the scene in the college in Raiders of The Lost Ark where Indy and Marcus Brody explain Tannis and the Ark of The Covenent to the military intelligence men in the lecture hall.

Talk about nailing it! Jordie knew exactly what I was going for, instinctively. This is why I was so excited about her coming onboard, I knew that she understood all of the same cultural touchstones as me, whether it be from movies, comics or video games. I knew that we'd be totally simpatico when it came to our respective tastes. To put it mildly, the woman is on the ball.

I've seen a lot more colours after this scene, and it's all just as good. Now all i have to do is try to draw the pages well enough to match Jordie's level! Easier said than done...


Scribbler said...

Lookin good man

Stephen Mooney said...

Cheers Tom! Hope those Canadians are takin' it easy on ye!