Tuesday, September 25, 2012

D.I.C.E Panel Update

The final schedule for the panel talks at DICE is up now over at the bigbang.ie. Turns out the HALF PAST DANGER panel is actually on on the Sunday at 1:30pm, not on the Saturday as previously reported. Sorry about any confusion, hopefully anybody that had been planning to attend can still make it! The talk will consist of myself and Jordie yapping about all things HPD, including the announcement of the book's publisher. I'll also be showing lots of unseen art from the first two issues of the book.
Asking the questions and cracking wise will be fellow Eclectic Mick, Dec 'Here-To-Help' Shalvey. Please come along to listen, ask questions and hurl abuse. Not to forget the FREE prints that each attendee will receive. Those bad boys will cost cash-money after the panel, so get 'em while they're gratis.

See ye at the weekend! The show is gonna be fantastic, I'm sure of it. Major kudos to the lads at The Big Bang for putting the whole logistical nightmare together! Check out the panel listings below, there're plenty of great choices. Reckon I'll end up going to half of them myself!

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