Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Mr. Write

I just finished the third re-write on my script, and I think it's pretty much good to go at this point. I've been over it again and again with a fine-tooth comb, and at this point it is what it is; I'm just second-guessing myself. To shy from the drawing of it at this stage would be procrastination. I've no doubt that small changes in dialogue, panel count etc will creep in here and there as I actually illustrate the thing, but barring any serious cold feet, the writing has now been put to bed.

I'm delighted that it's finished. Still have no idea whatsoever if it's any good. I ran the bones of it past some of my mates in the biz(heh), and they seem to think it's a goer, so we shall see. For two months plus worth of work, it seems in some ways a small accomplishment. I guess I'm used to quantifying productivity through stacks of finished artwork, a much more tangible endgame. That said, I'm certainly happy with what I have ended up with. From a loose outline containing a rough beginning, middle and end peppered with some cool set-pieces, to what I think(hope?) is an exciting, action-packed, coherent and original story.

The proof, as they say, shall be in the pudding. To the drawing board!

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